The sinister Throwman is out for revenge! Help Dodgeman thwart his nasty plans by dodging everything that Throwman is throwing at him. Collect flashing objects to build ladders, jetpacks, spacesuits and more to work your way upwards towards the source of the problem - Throwman himself! Can you defeat Throwman and save yourself and the planet from falling destruction? More importantly to some, can you top the high score list?


Arrow keys make Dodgeman move, spacebar will pause the game. For more information, please see "How to Play" on the main menu of the game.


For those who want to maximize their high score chances, read on.

You get points for every second that you survive Throwman's falling onslaught. Scores are based on how many extra lives you have remaining. Here's how the scores are calculated.

3 or more extra lives remaining: You get 3 points per second.
2 extra lives remaining: You get 2 points per second.
1 extra life remaining: You get 1 point per second.
0 extra lives remaining: You get 1 point every 2 seconds.


You will lose your points for the current level (but not your total score) if you miss a flashing powerup such as a ladder segment or a jetpack component. You will not lose any points if you miss a free man but will probably still be sad.


If you manage to complete the game, you will get 100 bonus points for every extra life remaining!

If you do really well and get the good ending to the story, you will get 200 bonus points!


When Dodgeman loses all of his lives, the game is over. If you choose to continue, your total score will be lost, but you will be able to continue the story from that point. If you choose to quit, the game will end but you will be able to post your total score on the online leaderboard.